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Database & List Services We Offer

1. List Purchase or Rentals:  

Mailing, Telemarketing, Email lists and Opt-in email and SMS text messaging deployments. 

 We offer Multiple Marketing Solutions to help you save money and time!

  1. We have so much to offer! Everything from Mailing Lists, Telemarketing Lists, Opt-In Email Lists and Email deployments and SMS Text Messaging solutions. We can deliver your message to either Businesses or Consumers throughout North America and the world.

  2. Ask About Our New SMS Messaging Program; Perfect for Restaurants and/or Retail businesses. We set you up with your own number so your customers can opt-in to your very own texting program. This is true Pull Marketing. They raise their hands and say "Yes, send me offers!" Any time you are having a promotion, an event or even a slow day, you send them a text, and your loyal customers respond. SMS is not just a fad, it has become the number one most effective and affordable way to reach your customers today.

  3. Ask about Our FREE online database system, Buy Mailing lists or telemarketing lists; It is FREE to search our databases. No minimums! Simply pay for as many leads as you want as you go. A fast, safe and simple way to buy lists online. Reach Businesses or Consumers, throughout the US.

2.  List Updating/Renewal Services:

Let us update your existing list with fresh new contacts and customers. 

  • Update and renew your existing customer list to maximize your marketing efforts.  
  • Expand your current demographic to keep up with your changing product line.
  • Efficient marketing solutions for your current customer list.

Why you should keep connecting with your customers:

Here is why you should keep connecting with your customers on a regular basis.

  • Connecting with them keeps your company at top of mind when they do need your product or service. 
  • Keeping them abreast of new products and offers to help them grow their business and in return yours.
  • Your customer has already purchased from you and if they were happy they trust you and will become return customers. 
  • Use the opportunity to enhance your relationship with them. 

3.  List Cleaning Service: 

Accuracy and data integrity should be your number ONE priority. 

The Data Supply Center offers enhancements that can give the data in your list real-time accuracy and variety. Both will make a difference in the way the data can be used to improve your company's results.Email Appending

Email Appending gives our clients the ability to contact customers directly by updating, in real-time, extremely accurate and current email addresses to any mailing list.

Phone Appending gives our clients the ability to contact customers directly by updating, in real-time, extremely accurate and current phone numbers to any mailing list.

Data Overlay Make your lists more than just contact information. Let their behavior and subtle nuances make your campaign more successful.

NCOA (National Change of Address) Our National Change of Address service makes sure your mailings reach their intended recipient by keeping track if your prospective customers have moved.

DNC (Do Not Call) pre-scrub your consumer lists against the do not call. 

Email: [email protected]

4.  Fast & Efficient List Delivery Service:

Speedy verification and packaging to deliver your data within the hour of receiving.

  • Professional Data Delivery customized for your Client.
  • Formatting data to import into your clients CRM.
  • Data authentication and verification prior to your clients receiving their data.
  • Do you know what you are sending to your clients? 
  • Why does it matter? 
  • Delivered by email, file upload, cd/dvd or mailing label format.

 5.  Printing and Mailing Services:

Professionally printed postcards and letters using your own letterhead and labels.  Printed and mailed within the week.  

POSTCARD MARKETING:  Please go to our postcard marketing page for more information.