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Mailing Lists

Purchase Consumer Mailing Lists:

We offer Consumer Mailing Lists that are 100% DPV (delivery point validated) and guaranteed to have a deliver-ability of 95%.  Our lists come automatically with 14 free selects! You customize your own list by choosing from hundreds of selects, such as age, gender, income, homeowner/renter, interests, hobbies, children, and many, many more. 

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Purchase Business Mailing List

If you are looking for a business mailing list, you've come to the right place. We use the freshest data available and loads of selects to choose from so you can customize your list to reach only your target market. With selects such as employee size, owner's ethnicity, number of computers, square footage and many more, it's easy to narrow your business mailing list (you can add phones too) to suit your unique needs. Start running counts immediately (completely free!

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New Mover Mailing Lists:

Did you know that new movers spend more money in their first 6 months in their new home than they do in the following three years? Businesses that can benefit from new mover lists are: dentists, restaurants, furniture stores, doctors, interior decorators, day cares, and many, many more. 

Specialty Mailing Lists:

Sometimes our online databases of 176 million consumers and 18 million companies are not the right fit for your project. Say, for example, you wanted to reach consumers who subscribe to National Geographic magazine, or businesses that are “going green”, then you would need the services of one of our helpful list brokers. Here’s how we work: Our list brokers listen to you while you discuss your project, your goals, your budget and your time-line, then they get to work researching the best lists to fit your needs. They then present you with a proposal and you can decide how and when to move forward. There’s no pressure, and our brokers work for free (they get a commission from the list vendor if you choose to rent the list). Contact us today to discuss your next project.

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Opt-in Email Marketing

Deploy Targeted E-mail Campaigns:

Managed correctly, e-mail marketing is the most efficient, convenient and economical way for businesses to communicate with their existing customers and to reach out to new customers anywhere in the world. Our expertise and experience will ensure your e-mail not only reaches its target, but delivers!

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Have you ever established a lifelong friendship with someone you had contact with only Once?

Probably not. Indeed, friendships - and all relationships for that matter grow as a result of frequent contact over time. Now apply this concept to marketing.

Marketing a product or service requires consistent growth of product and brand recognition over time. But how is this best achieved? The answer is reach AND frequency.

Often times, in advertising we opt to sacrifice frequency for reach and then are potentially let down by the ineffectiveness of our promotional efforts. Undoubtedly one of the biggest caveats to implementing email campaign is spending unnecessary capital on achieving reach without considering frequency.

Quite Simply, by increasing the frequency of your message, you are building your brand. Bottom-line: the more often an individual sees your message, the greater the chance of the capitulation of your brand and the eventual vertical lift in sales.

Are you looking to quickly increase your web site traffic and exposure to your business?

Ok let's face it Email marketing can be a crap shoot! You really have to know what you are doing to get it right. Many businesses use it simply to gain brand recognition because the more you see something the more you are apt to buy it. Others use Targeted Email Campaigns to drive traffic to their websites to sell a product or service. This is an excellent opportunity to add to your existing customer database. You can also ask survey questions to see what your clients want so as to serve them better in the future. This also tells you how successful and targeted your Email Campaign was. How strong a call to action your email creative message was by the traffic and purchases that were made.

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Telemarketing Lists

Purchase Telemarketing lists:  

Telemarketing lists are essentially mailing lists with telephone numbers included.

Telemarketing lists can be used for reaching businesses by phone or consumers at their home.

A recent study showed that 32% of Americans make purchases over the phone from an outbound telemarketer spending an average of $135.

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Telemarketing lists have been used successfully for many years by companies to market products and services for their business. In fact, survey results show that telemarketing lists generated more than $660 billion in sales in 2001 – that's about 6 percent of GDP and more than the entire United States restaurant industry.

If you are a telemarketer in the USA and Canada you must register with the Do Not Call authorities in order to make phone calls to home phone numbers. Please visit the FTC’s Do Not Call website for more information or to register. Visit the Canadian Do Not Call Registry for more information or to register.

Some lists on the market today have telephone numbers available and some do not. Typically, counts are much lower for Consumer lists when phone numbers and are required due to the Do Not Call laws in the USA and Canada.  Some lists can be rented that have already been pre-scrubbed against the DNC.  You will however be required to re-scrub the list after 30 days of purchase if the list was purchased for multiple use.

Telemarketing lists can be a great asset to a multi-channel marketing campaign. Often you can send a direct mail letter to a prospect and then follow up with a phone call. Or, you can phone first to qualify whether or not you should buy the stamp.

Charitable organizations often use telemarketing lists to solicit donations, while businesses often use telemarketing lists to pre-qualify prospects and/or close the sale over the phone.

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