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Data Supply Center - Postcard Marketing Services We do it all for you!  

Postcard Information:

  • All-Inclusive postcard marketing package, Includes everything we do it all for you, you don’t have to do a thing.

  • Design Services - (using your images, logos, etc if you like),

  • The creative writing

  • The Mailing list - is included.

  • Printing - We print the 4" X 6" postcard on beautiful 14 pt paper with UV coating,

  • Processing and Addressing Services

  • Postage - we mail it first class to your prospects within the week.

  • Personalization – we can personalize every single postcard (such as "Enjoy 10% off, John!").

Our all-inclusive pricing* is as follows: 




$900          90 cents


$2,550        85 cents


$4,000       80 cents


$7,500       75 cents


Please inquire

Please note that some of our clients in certain industries like to pay a little bit more for specialty lists, but this would all be discussed ahead of time. 

We are always upfront about our pricing. 

All pricing is in USD. 

Our pricing includes everything; there are no surprises. 

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Postcard Samples:  

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